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The Better Wood: Resysta furniture knows the secrete of eternal youth!

Beautiful and demanding in looking and feel, but less demanding in maintenance–outdoor furniture made of Resysta surpass those made of tropical wood in many ways. Whether it’s a wintery mountain terrace or rainy season in the tropics–the ¬†fibre-reinforced hybrid material is absolutely water resistant. If no water can penetrate, the materials will not splinter, swell, crack or rot. Regular care with oils, as needed with wooden furniture, is a thing of the past. Even extreme sun does not let Resysta fade or grey. Furthermore, pests and fungi cannot harm Resysta. And the best thing is: Resysta is especially sustainable, since it mainly consists of a renewable resource: rice husk–a by-product of each rice grain. We are sure, the future is made of Resysta–and not a single tree has to fall for this promising material.


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