Vibrant Medical Regenerative Medicine

About Us

A place to rejuvenate.

Vibrant Medical is an outpatient medical clinic devoted to regenerative medicine. We provide preventative, wellness, and regenerative medical care using innovative natural therapies. Our goal is to put the body in an optimal place to heal itself.

We use innovative natural therapies putting the body in optimal health for healing.

Natural Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement
We offer natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. As we age, hormone levels decline. Hormone replacement therapy restores hormones to more youthful levels, thus making an individual feel more youthful and vibrant. Restoring hormone levels encourages loss of body fat and increases lean muscle mass. The doctor will work with you to discover what hormone levels are optimal for you. Natural hormones that are identical to what your body used to make are prescribed by the doctor and prepared by a local compounding pharmacy for your use. Hormone levels will be maintained at safe levels that will provide you with vitality.

Prolotherapy Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Treatment for Orthopedic Conditions
We offer prolotherapy which is injection treatment of joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscle tissues for the purpose of regeneration. We use natural preparations decided upon by you and your doctor, considering both effectiveness and cost. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment is achieved by drawing the patient’s blood and separating the platelet rich plasma (the useful component). The PRP is then injected into joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscle to promote regeneration of injured body tissue. This PRP contains growth factors which call stem cells to the injured area. Growth factors and stem cells work in concert to promote healing of inflamed and injured tissue. The materials injected and the frequency of injections depend on your condition and response to treatment. In general, treatment can be repeated in four to six weeks for four to six treatments. Some patients require only one treatment. You and your doctor will determine what material will be injected and how often. This treatment, once available to only elite athletes, is now available to everyone. We are only as young as our joints feel.

Nutrition Counseling, Weight Loss & Detoxification
We also provide nutrition counseling that is tailored to each individual. Food allergies will be discovered and foods that are offenders will be eliminated. Nutrient levels will be tested and deficiencies will be discovered and treated. Body fat will be decreased and lean muscle mass will increase. We offer intravenous nutrition therapy which provides more efficient provision of nutrients. A variety of intravenous nutrient preparations support the body systems: memory and brain function, immune system-defense against infection, muscle-bone-ligament-joint system for better function, and liver support for detoxification.

Aesthetic Care
We are developing treatments and procedures for aesthetic care. Stay tuned.