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The First Name in Pools, Spas, and Total Outdoor Living Environments – from the Coachella Valley throughout Southern California. We started building our dream in 1985, with a one-room office and two employees. Today Teserra is the one the largest designers and builders of total outdoor environments in Southern California. But there is one true measure of success: satisfied customers. Word travels. Homeowners, builders and commercial developers alike know they can count on Teserra to deliver their dreams on schedule, on budget, and on-plan down to the last eye-catching detail. Learn more about what our customers are saying.

Confidence comes standard with every Teserra pool. We employ talented, dedicated people. We use the highest-quality materials. With three decades of experience, we know every layer of the building process, and how to expedite approvals with HOAs. Just as importantly, we keep you informed and involved every step of the way. It’s no wonder we’ve been around longer than the others – and create four times as many outdoor living environments as our closest competitor.

Quality, creativity, craftsmanship and unsurpassed service set every invitingly beautiful Teserra outdoor environment apart from the rest. Our philosophy is simple: The customer comes first. That’s how you create a legacy that will last.