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At Tender Paws Mobile Pet Services in the Beaumont, Hemet, Redlands and Yucaipa areas, your pet is our concern and you can rest assured that your best friend is in the best hands. We love animals so much that we decided to make a career out of taking great care of them. We love grooming pets in Beaumont and the surrounding area as well as walking and pet sitting.

We are mobile for the care of both you and your pet because no where do you find better comfort than at your own home.

No waiting in lines at salons or store fronts. No anxiety from being away from home, and absolutely getting the best one on one attention that we can provide in order to make grooming and care a positive experience again for bot you and your pet.

Mobile Grooming
Have you ever wished the Grooming Salon could come to you? We at Tender Paws Mobile Pet Services have just the service you desire. We offer a full service-grooming salon ready to drive to your location and groom your best furry friends right at your residence. No more fighting, trying to get them in the car, trying to drive safely with them and walk them through a busy parking lot. We solve that issue and come directly to you and take them to our safe and secure grooming van where they are so close to home they can still smell it.

In most any grooming session we will bathe, dry, brush, shorten the nails and style your pet with a clip or trim depending upon your needs and request. We do expression of the anal sacks if requested, as it can be a health benefit for your furry one. We use Eco-friendly products unless something a little stronger is needed for taking care of a flea and/or tick situation, or if perhaps there is a run in with a skunk.

We do not use drying cages so that your pet may get the one on one treatment they deserve. If we sense that your pet is getting a little stressed, we will pause and give them a little massage to the ears or chest to comfort them with a little extra love. We have one of the quietest gas powered generators on the market, however, if your pet is sensitive to sound we will gladly plug into your electrical outlet to reduce the sound level for your best friend.

We also offer tooth brushing and give a sprits of dental spray to help fight off that menacing plaque we all have to deal with.

If you have a pet with special grooming needs such as a Toy through Standard Poodle sizes, Schnauzers, Bichon Frise and Yorkshire Terriers, feel secure as they are among our repertoire of specialized cuts that we offer.

If you have a special cut in mind, feel free to tell us exactly what you are looking for and we will gladly do our best to accommodate you.

In today’s busy world it’s hard to keep up with everything and none of us wants to have their dog left behind and frustrated. This is where we come in to help.

We can come to your home or work, pick up your sweet pooch and take him or her for a fun walk and help stimulate their muscles, digestive tract, nose and brain.

Dog owners like us know that a happier dog means a happier you. After a nice exercise your dog feels less stress and is calmer when you get home from a hard day at work.

Our fees are reasonable and we try our best to accommodate your needs. We understand some breeds need special care or a longer exercise time. Here at Tender Paws Mobile Pet Services we care about dogs and their health. We want your best friend to be a happy, relaxed pet that feels as satisfied as he or she can at the end of the day.

Pet Sitting
We know that when you have to leave without your fur babies, it’s hard to enjoy your time away because you are thinking about them. We care about your babies too so we will visit them as many times as it takes not just to make sure that they have food and water but to give them love and care as well. We can even snap a picture of your fur baby for you and send it to you if you like so that you can see how well they are doing. Since we are already at your house we can even bring in the mail and the paper for you at no extra charge.