Riverside Community Hospital

About Us

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Riverside Community Hospital is committed to the care and comfort of our patients and improving the overall health of our community by providing healthcare services within integrity, compassion and excellence.

Riverside Community Hospital will be the employer and provider of choice by offering comprehensive healthcare services whose cornerstones are quality, safety, compassion and service excellence.

Passion for Excellence:
Strive to consistently exceed customer service expectations
We value the delivery of compassionate, respectful, high quality, innovative care that promotes optimal outcomes.
Our organization reflects a tradition of gentleness and empathy for all patients, residents, clients, and their families, co-workers and others.

Demonstrate ethical behaviors at all times.
Guide our actions with honesty and confidentiality.
Keep the best in mind for our patients, staff, physicians and community.

We believe each patient and employee is worthy of respect, and we share the responsibility to safeguard personal dignity.
We care for our patients by recognizing each unique need and striving to meet those needs by considering all issues that affect services.
We believe personal interactions with patients, visitors, physicians and colleagues should be characterized by fairness, compassion and respect.

We will achieve our mission by working together for the health and safety of our patients through the support and use of skills of each team member.
We will maintain timely and effective communication throughout the organization.

Only by understanding our diversities are we able to create an environment where innovation, individuality, and creativity are maintained.
We will respect each other’s thoughts, viewpoints, religious cultural beliefs and backgrounds.

Build and encourage an environment of trust.
Value and nurture the growth of our most important investment – our people.
We are committed to proactive problem solving.

Community Partner:
Embrace every opportunity to strengthen our commitment to the community.

Financial Responsibility:
Maintain financial integrity to ensure the stability of our hospital and community.
Ensure a sound financial position through the conscientious management of our hospital.