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In the Kitchen with Vinny Nardo.
Vinny Nardo is just an ordinary guy. He has the most entertaining sense of humor.  People often say to him ‘you should be on stage’. Vinny has a generous heart giving easily to others in need without questioning. He would say, ‘It’s not up to me to judge, but to follow God as he leads me to serve. It is God’s business if they were not sincere.’

He’s a family man. His capacity to love is faultless and non-judgmental, his children and grandchildren know he is there any time they need him. Vinny has been known to get out of his pajamas to pick up a grandchild who is stranded in the rain, or go out to pray and comfort a friend.

With a desire to work closer to home, Vinny founded Reborn Cabinets in May 1983. He had been commuting more than 90 miles daily and was missing a lot of time with his children. He simply wanted to work in Orange County where he lived.

Vinny had a trade. He had been trained under the supervision of his older brothers and had already been working in the cabinet manufacturing industry since 1957, shortly after having served 4 years in the United States Navy. Sickness and a depressed economy in New York, in 1974, motivated him to move his family across country from Brooklyn, New York to Anaheim, California. The family lived in a small travel trailer as they worked their way across the country for six months while seeking a new place to call home. His skills as a cabinet maker were most welcomed in many of the states they visited, but California seemed like home. His expertise with Cabinet Refacing, made him a valuable commodity to kitchen remodelers on the west coast where he introduced the Refacing process, as it is known today.

Vinny grew  tired of the commute, however, and in 1983 he and his wife started  Reborn Cabinets in Anaheim which has since developed into an award winning Kitchen and Bath remodeling company  well respected and noticed amongst its industry peers. Vinny maintains his seat as “Chairman of the Board” while the company is being managed by his two sons Vincent and Anthony.

Reborn Cabinets designs and manufactures Custom Cabinetry for any room in your home. Custom cabinetry allows for redesigning layout and utilizing space saving features and amenities.

In addition to their Custom Cabinetry, they offer Vianvi Signature Refacing™ that transforms the exterior look of your cabinets, creating an entirely new look, The Refacing Process is where the cabinet frames are covered with a material that is pre-finished in the manufacturing facility and will match the color and material of the new doors and drawer fronts that will replace the existing doors and drawer fronts. Cabinet moldings, hinges, and hardware are replaced. The homeowner has an option to replace the drawer boxes or add pullouts to the lower cabinets. Alterations to the layout of the kitchen cabinets can be made to include installing new appliances. The cabinets can be completed now, and the countertops at a later time therefore, the cost of the remodel is distributed in stages and the cabinets will not have to be disturbed when the countertops are replaced.

Refacing is simply not for cabinets anymore. Reborn Cabinets offer their Signature Bathroom Solutions™ product where you can enjoy the Beauty and Simplicity of updating your bathroom which can be completed “In About One Day”. As with the Vianvi Signature Refacing product, Reborn Bath Solutions offers an affordable option and is perfect for the homeowner who wants to upgrade their old bathroom without the hassle of remodeling. Some of the most common bath problems are cracked, rusty, mold or mildew issues. With the custom manufactured bath solution system Reborn will install and triple-lock seal for waterproof installation. It is easy to clean, no scrubbing or harsh chemicals needed to maintain its beauty. Some of the amenities include Tub to Shower Conversions and Walk-in Tubs. The experts at Reborn can help you find the right solution for all your bathroom needs.

The success or failure of a remodeling project depends largely on the efficiency of the initial planning phase. Experienced designers who are able to listen to the homeowner’s needs, are crucial to the successful completion of any project.  When it comes to planning a remodel nothing should be left to chance. The entire manufacturing process must be continually evaluated and refined to ensure the highest levels of system quality, performance, and reliability.

The Family at Reborn Cabinets understands that kitchen and bathroom remodeling can be a challenging undertaking. Without expert guidance the process can become confusing and overwhelming to the average homeowner.

Reborn Cabinets has more than 15,000 satisfied customers. The family invites you to visit their 40,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and showroom facility in Anaheim, ask to meet Vinny. You’ll experience his humor and gentleness and understand why his is so special and loved.

Come and Browse through more than 30 displays featuring the latest in kitchen and bath designs. Experienced designer are available 7 days a week to speak with you.

Reborn Cabinets, 2981 East La Palma Ave., Anaheim (just west of Kraemer Blvd. off the 91 frwy.) For more information, call 866-573-2676 or visit their showroom.