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California is experiencing yet another year of drought. As water becomes more scarce (and more expensive), restrictions for water use will become more stringent for homeowners. There is relief however; many utility companies and water agencies are offering homeowners incentives for removing their turf and replacing it with a water-wise landscape.

A water-wise landscape can be much more than cactus, weed fabric and decorative rock. There are lots of water-wise and California friendly perennials, shrubs, grasses, ground covers and trees that offer just as much beauty as a thirsty lawn. These plants require less water, less fertilizer and less maintenance which ultimately places more money in your pocket!

There have been many new introductions of classic plants such as salvias, lavenders, buddleias, succulents, etc. that are not only spectacular in bloom, texture or foliage, but also provide refuge for some of mother nature’s precious species such
as butterflies, birds and bees!

In addition to turf removal incentive programs, we encourage you to check with your local public utilities providers for additional energy efficiency rebate programs. If you happen to be a Riverside Public Utilities customer take advantage of the numerous energy efficiency programs they have available such as the Tree Power Program. This program entitles you to a FREE TREE up to $25 in value in addition to $125 in rebates per year when you purchase qualifying trees which meet the programs criteria. Please call us at 1-877-568-4379 for details.

Louie’s Nursery has been your local family owned garden center since 1977. It is our mission to offer as many wonderful water-wise plant selections from our industry’s most reputable growers.