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Forget how beautiful your pool tile once was?
Protect your investment with pool tile cleaning. When you spent the extra money on the beautiful pool tiling that added that extra, artistic element to your pool design, you may not have expected or planned for the natural effects pool water has on most surfaces – the calcium buildup and other deposits that deceptively makes your pool tile and other surfaces look prematurely old and less attractive than it once was.

For a fraction of the price of replacement, you can get rid of that buildup in about an hour and a half with a safe, quick and efficient process, which is not only effective on tile, but also brick, coping, natural and artificial rock, flagstone, quartz, Pebble Tec and glass tile.

This process does not require that your pool be emptied. The water level is simply lowered six inches and then environmentally safe material is sprayed on the surface at low pressure to ensure that no damage is done to the tile or surface being cleaned. After the cleaning is complete, the material and buildup, which has sunk to the bottom of the pool, are vacuumed up, and the surrounding area is cleaned, leaving you with swim-ready water and the beautiful tile/stone you used to have.

To prevent any disruption in your personal schedule, it is not necessary for you to be home for this service to be preformed. All the top quality tools of the trade are self contained and mobile. When considering a company to return the surfaces of your pool to their original beauty, you should look for one that is the leader in the pool tile cleaning industry, not only for the extensive amount of pools serviced but also for their dedication to customer service. A company that has professional relationships with multiple other pool companies in the pool service field including having  done work for local major amusement parks, that allows no inconvenience to your life and home, and has no long wait list for pool servicing will make the experience painless and satisfying.

The quality of your water determines how quickly calcium and other deposits accumulate on the surfaces of your pool. On average it can be as soon as six months to a year. To keep your tile and other surfaces looking nice after you have had them serviced, you can have them maintained for a reduced rate within every two years, so the extensive buildup does not take over your pool again.