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From solar panels to solar batteries, there is more than one way to go solar. Today’s advanced technology gives you more freedom to exercise your energy independence. PacificSky is proud to provide the pinnacle of solar technology for long term application. PacificSky has a myriad of solar options and we can install any brand for any budget.


PacificSky has the privilege of being an Elite SunPower Dealer, which means we can provide the most advanced solar panels in the world at a competitive price – you’ll get the best system for the long term. Prefer another system? We’ll work with you to install the right panels for your needs.


Intelligent battery backup systems make your panels’ energy work for you when the sun goes down and reduces your dependence on the grid. By storing the excess energy you produce during the day for use at night you can worry less about changes in Net-Metering in the future.


If you want to do away with the grid altogether we offer a range of backup generators so you can be sure you’re never in the dark. Take electricity off the bill because you’ll have all you need when you need it without having any wires connected to the house.