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If you are like countless others – tired of yo-yo dieting and needing help to lose weight for good – it’s time to try a new, science-based weight-loss program customized just for your body: the NutriMost Weight Loss System.

Our program is not like other weight-loss plans that require you to eat pre-packaged foods or that demand hours of exercise. The NutriMost System is based on science and determining what is best for your individual body.

For the past 23 years, Dr. Elizabeth Mojabe Dr. Rockny Mojabe have been practicing in the Inland Empire providing quality health care. They have seen more than 10,000 new patients and have had over 150,000 patient visits. Dr. Elizabeth Mojabe and Dr. Rockny Mojabe have seen patients with many medical issues caused by extra pounds and they understand the need to help people with their weight issues. By doing this, the Mojabes help patients address medical problems caused by being overweight or obese.

Both doctors researched many weight loss programs and discovered the NutriMost Weight Loss System. This effective program has helped scores of patients with obesity that has led to high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, sleep apnea and arthritis, just to name some of the health troubles associated with being overweight.

After years of extensive research, Dr. Elizabeth Mojabe and Dr. Rockny Mojabe found NutriMost Weight Loss System to be a safe and effective way to lose weight quickly. They have been trained and certified by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, the founder of the NutriMost Weight Loss System.

“It’s different from all the other weight loss programs our there,” explained Dr. Elizabeth Mojabe. ”We use modern technology to target the reason why you are not able to lose weight. This is a program that is customized just for you. No only do you loss weight but we also detox the body, balance hormones and reset your metabolism. You get quick results so this helps to motivate you. You don’t get discouraged. You also learn to eat healthier.”

“If you follow the program, we guarantee you will lose 20 to 40 pounds in 40 days. Everybody’s different. Some people lose more,” she said.

This program uses the latest breakthrough research, information and technology on how to regulate the control mechanism to activate and maximize the six fat-burning hormones, while turning off the three fat-storing hormones. The program is personalized and customized for each person’s body shape.

It’s safe and simple. All products are natural. There are no injections, hormones, surgeries or fad diets to follow. There are no pre-packaged foods to harmful drugs. Patients will see improvements to their health such as improved cholesterol levels, a better complexion, more energy, improved self-esteem, decreased risk of diabetes, and other benefits.

Don’t wait for more pounds to pile on. Contact Dr. Elizabeth Mojabe and Dr. Rockny Mojabe today for a free body composition analysis and consultation.