Mirage Vision Outdoor TV

About Us

Global Outdoor Concepts, Inc. was created in 2004 to develop the world’s first outdoor, weather resistant flat screen television. We called this process the MirageVision Outdoor TV. What makes us unique is we utilize existing top name brands such as Samsung, Sharp, LG, etc.

Our use of the name brand TVs let us take advantage of the Research and Development departments of the most advanced TV manufacturers in the world. Our Diamond Pro line of Ultra HD (4K) TV’s will always be the latest and greatest TVs made from top manufacturers coupled with our propietary MirageVision Video Processor, along with our weatherproofing technique, we are able to create the most advanced outdoor TV on the planet! Bar none!
In the Beginning..
When we first formed the company in 2004, we had our televisions built in China. Although, at that time we built a quality outdoor television, we quickly realized that it was impossible to build a television with the same dependable, modern look and latest technology as companies like Samsung, Sharp, and LG (to name a few). At that time it was thought that an outdoor television needed to be built by constructing a bulky sealed enclosure. To do this, however, the enclosure had to be large enough to accommodate a dual, push/pull fan system for cooling, and it also needed a heating system. In order for a small company to build an affordable product, as compared to the giants in the industry, the television had to be constructed utilizing parts from China.

As we are constantly striving to improve our products we felt that there had to be a better way to provide a state of the art outdoor television that had all the latest technology as well as one that was contained in a slim, attractive enclosure such as name brand TVs.