Lisa Bryant Faux Finishes

About Us

20 Years Experience. Specializing in Old World Tuscany Finishes. Bringing Beauty To Your Home!

• Faux Marble Painted Columns/ Mantles/ Back Splashes
• Decorative Wall Finishes
• Custom Wall Art
• Venetian Plaster
• Glazing
• Ragging
• Faux Finish
• Ethereal Sky Ceilings
• Staircase Finishes
• Children’s Rooms

Featured Editorial: How Can a Decorative Wall Finish Evoke a Mood in Your Home?

We interpret what we see , into how we feel, and this can  be simply altered, with a faux finish.  The way we think affects our mood. Visualizing Color, Texture, Venetian  plaster, glazing, murals,
faux marble, are all interesting and feels good to look at, making us want to spend more time in that space.

Imagine walking into your dining room, or covered patio, looking up to the ceiling, engaging in an Ethereal sky, enjoying the elegance of aged, Old World textured walls.  Now visualize your walls as they stand now, how would you see them different? Using decorative techniques, and combinations thereof, to subtly create the feeling of space,  affecting  mood, offering atmosphere and  illusion, is a simple way to  create a striking ambiance. From accent walls to larger areas, one is drawn into a room with creative interests, to gather and share in intimate conversations.

Detailed  oriented, with integrity and character,  I will bring beauty to your home or business.