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So what’s hot and what’s new? A lot. Keep reading.
By Debbie L. Sklar

A recent trend report conducted by the National Kitchen & Bath Association says one thing is for sure, solutions to make life easier in today’s kitchens abound. Sleek storage solutions ranging from step ladders to Lazy Susans are hot, hot, hot.
Apparently, the most popular requests are for pullouts and rollouts for kitchen cabinets, specified by more than 90% of respondents in 2014, the report says. Trash/recycling pullouts were in demand, with spice pullouts and Lazy Susans included in kitchens by more than 80%
of the respondents. Tall pantries were specified by 91% of designers last year.

As for cooking areas, ovens, double wall ovens and gas cooktops are the cooking appliance giants, specified by more than 80% of designers. Microwave drawers, convection ovens and induction cooktops are all poised for growth in 2015, while freestanding microwaves are in decline. Steam ovens jumped 12% points from 2013 to 2014, specified by 39% of designers in 2014.

The French door refrigerator continues to lead in popularity, related to growth in separate refrigerator and freezer units. When the refrigerator and freezer are together in one unit, the most popular configuration is with the freezer on the bottom. Side-by-sides and top freezer configurations are declining in popularity. Built-in cabinet depth refrigerator freezers and undercounter wine refrigerators were specified in more than 70% of kitchens and both will be on
the increase in 2015.

Almost half the kitchens—45%—included two dishwashers in 2014, expected to be more in 2015. Commenters cited 18-inch dishwashers as the second option, sometimes installed near the bar area. Standard dishwashers are still the norm at 77%, but there was a 6% point drop from 2013 to 2014, apparently in favor of integrated dishwashers.

Green is in and so is saving the planet: 68% of NKBA designers specify energy-saving appliances. Thirty-eight percent specified water-saving faucets in the kitchen.

The kitchen is definitely the hub of the house, and a place where others things happen besides making three square meals. In fact, about two-thirds of kitchens now have desks or home office areas, as well as flat screen televisions and docking/charging stations. “Kitchens have been, and still are, the hub of the home and clients want everything in their kitchen, i.e., televisions, docking stations, convenience appliances, etc.,” said Donna Marie Mushinskie,
DM Designs, Yucaipa, CA.