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Bathroom Trends: The bathroom is evolving from the utilitarian room it once was into a place for retreat and relaxation. Because our use of the bathroom is changing, so are the trends in remodeling.

A bathroom remodel is an investment in your home and in your lifestyle. Create the retreat of your dreams with the finest quality and largest selection of fixtures in the Inland Empire. Since 1978, Kitchen & Bath Fixture Shop has been providing high quality plumbing fixtures combined with unequaled service and product knowledge at a price that can fit any budget.

Sometimes you don’t want to wash your hair, so a hand shower comes in handy. A rain head above you is relaxing while a massage spray is invigorating. A seat is great for shaving your legs or just sitting while you enjoy the warmth of the shower spray. More room in the shower makes it less stressful to get ready for work in the morning and more enjoyable to refresh at the end of the day.

Most homes don’t have unlimited space in the bathroom so, in order to enlarge the shower, freestanding tubs are becoming a popular alternative to large tub decks. You can still have a nice soaking tub without sacrificing space.

Water conservation is at the forefront of our minds. Therefore, many homeowners are adding a steam unit to the shower. Sitting in a steam shower uses less water than soaking in a tub while still offering the same benefits; it hydrates the skin, improves respiratory function, relaxes tired muscles, improves cardiovascular activity and restores energy.

Add Bluetooth speakers in the shower and listen to the news while you prepare for your day or enjoy your favorite music while you unwind in your steam shower. Add a towel warmer for functional decadence. Nothing feels better than drying off with a warm towel or wrapping yourself in a warm robe after a shower or a soak in the tub. Put the damp towel back on the warmer, set the timer and now you have a dry towel, ready for another use.



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