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Picking “the best” company to install doors into your home can be difficult and sometimes flat-out infuriating. With all the companies that have the same platitude-filled message, it is hard to know who is going to give you a great price, and who is just a slick-haired salesman.

At Grand Openings, we have created an all-inclusive system and checklist for clients to use when looking for the best window replacement company. The window company you are going to work with should provide all of the following BEFORE you have to ask for references. By not providing this information, they are probably testing you, the home owner, to see how knowledgeable you are when purchasing any product.

This check list consists of…
Stability – It is important to know how stable the company you choose is, and how involved they are in the community.

Reputation – Does the company have a reputation of providing trustworthy, excellent customer service? Knowing a company’s reputation is key in preventing problems, headaches, and getting nickeled and dimed during the installation process.

Professionalism – Every company should require their employees to live up to set guidelines and quality standards. If a company does not mention this during their presentation before the job starts, it usually indicates they don’t have set standards. This could mean you don’t know what the installation team might actually do while in your home.

While many window and door installation companies buy products from the same manufacturing company, most independent companies don’t offer extended warranties past what the manufacturer offers. Meaning, if an installation is done poorly you could have more problems in the future and no coverage from the installation company.

Grand Openings Covers All These Areas And MORE!