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Conserving water doesn’t have to be an inconvenience.

The easier way to conserve
A simple hot water recirculation system from DrWaterSaver can save a family of four up to 12,000 gallons of water every year.  That’s enough water to fill a 12’ x 20’ x 7’ swimming pool, or over 90,000 water bottles.  You’ll never wait for hot water again, and you’ll never feel the pinch of conservation when you want hot water.

American made for American Systems
Your DrWaterSaver plumber recommends and installs the sytems manufactured by Taco (pronounced TAY-CO) Comfort Solutions, a leading innovator in comfort technology for American homes.  Taco’s knowledge and experience with high efficiency plumbing technology is second to none.

Simple, proven technology
A hot water recirculation system makes sure the hot gets to the faucet or shower head before you do, so there’s no more water down the drain while you wait for the right temperature.  A small, quiet pump does the job, installed either under a sink or at the water heater.  This pump can be activated automatically by a timer, memory technology, motion sensor, or with the push of a button.

Instant comfort, instant conservation, and a rebate too
Ask your DrWaterSaver plumber to recommend the Taco system that’s right for you, then receive a $100 Rebate from Taco when the system is installed. For more product details or to locate a DrWaterSaver plumber near you,  please call our toll free number or visit us online.