Craig Shelly Fine Jewelry & Timepieces

About Us

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Craig & Shelly… High School Sweethearts… their journey began in 1989 with a desire to share their passion of fine jewelry and timepieces with the world. These designs have been loved across the globe in Australia, India, England and the United States just to mention a few! With years of experience and master craftsmanship, this blissfully married couple lives their dream everyday creating designs that capture the hearts of jewelry & watch lovers everywhere.

An Experience… Like No Other!
Craig & Shelly custom designs and manufactures fine diamond jewelry & timepieces hand made by some of the world’s finest artisans, right here in the USA. “Our guests are an integral part of the design process and we interact with them at every step of the way…from design sketches to wax building to realizing their dream! All of our Jewelry is intricately crafted with the finest quality of diamonds in Platinum & Gold.”

The Inspiration Behind the Craftsmanship
Craig Shelly pieces are all designed with a sole purpose in mind… to express the most powerful force and emotion that exists… love. His attention to detail and dedication to excellence are seen in every piece that is designed.

Our Mission
Craig & Shelly want to be part of your love story… Our mission is to serve guests with the Highest Standards of Ethics, Integrity and Professionalism. Their Satisfaction is our top priority with the ultimate goal of providing excellent and efficient service without compromising quality. At Craig Shelly, you have the ability to have any piece of jewelry that you desire made uniquely for you. Together with Craig and Shelly, your dream jewelry piece can become a reality through the skilled craftsmanship and creativity that is available with our services.

Come See Us!
Craig Shelly Fine Jewelry and Watches is Excited to bring some of the most Desirable Jewelry and Watch Brands to our valuable Guests. We invite you to visit our Flagship store at the Victoria Gardens and to have a wonderful Craig Shelly Experience!

Hand Crafted Bridal Jewelry and Timepieces designed by Craig & Shelly! Made in the USA!