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Cover Glass USA system is a patented horizontal gearing and profile structure. There are no frames between the glass panels and each individual glass panel can freely slide to the right or left and via corners and various angles. It opens for complete ventilation and cleaning purposes. When the glass panels are all closed, it beautifies the building façade with a transparent, clear view, totally unobstructed. When the panels are opened, users can enjoy fresh air circulation and sunshine by welcoming the outside in, without any obstruction or blockage.

Whole walls can now be literally and effortlessly swept aside in a matter of seconds, enabling any room to transform, allowing the outside in.

Cover Glass USA systems have a wide range of application: Consider them where you have

• Windows or existing glass enclosures
• Interior sliding glass doors
• French doors
• Patio/balcony/terrace or deck enclosures
• Shop front and window walls
• Interior enclosures (conference /meeting rooms or offices)
• Private enclosures in restaurants
• Pool and spa enclosures

The system can withstand strong winds. The profile rigidity and material strength make it possible to enhance air tightness and waterproof quality. The system is composed of strong anodized aluminum profiles and tempered glass, complemented by flexible and very durable accessories. The mechanism of panel sliding and opening is hidden inside the profiles. Specially designed hinges allow the glass panels to slide individually and open inward, which makes window cleaning exceptionally easy and safe.

The glass panels can be closed to form a complete enclosure. On the other hand you can choose to open them partially or completely at any time you wish.