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Coachella Valley Water District

CVWD meets the water-related needs of more than 107,000 homes and businesses across the Coachella Valley.
CVWD promotes smart and efficient home water use through conservation programs, rebates and educational resources.

In addition to providing high quality drinking water, CVWD provides irrigation water for golf courses and farms,
collects and recycles wastewater, provides regional storm water protection and imports water to replenish the groundwater basin.

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Feature Editorial: Water Wise Tips – Keep Your Plants Healthy This Summer While Conserving Water

Arid summer temperatures can affect your landscaping in many ways.  In addition, Californians have been asked to help combat the state’s declared drought, by reducing water use by 20 percent. Coachella Valley Water District offers many resources to help residents conserve water inside and outside their homes, including rebate programs, workshops and educational materials.

Here are some tips to keep your plants healthy this summer while conserving water: Maintain a regular watering schedule. If you don’t have a smart irrigation controller, adjust your sprinkler run times according to CVWD’s new drought irrigation guide. You can download the watering guide at Irrigate only between sunset and sunrise to avoid loss of water to evaporation. Weeds grow rapidly during times of high humidity; regular control is important.

Roses, shrubs and young trees benefit from the addition of a 3-inch-thick layer of mulch. It helps keep roots cool and slows evaporation of moisture from the soil. Water trees deeply. Palms, especially, respond to slow, deep irrigation. Soaker hoses also are effective.
Early summer is a good time to transplant palms and cacti. When moved early in the warm season, plants recover with good growth, responding to heat and deep irrigations in well-drained soil.

After July, it is only two months until the fall planting season, and the onset of cooler temperatures! While indoors, begin planning for the fall, or plan a retrofit to make your garden more water-efficient.
CVWD is the Coachella Valley’s leading expert in water-efficient landscaping. Visit for the latest water wise tips or information about customer rebate and discount programs.